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Important! The home of alcoholism resides in the hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal axis and only through balancing the functional neuroendocrine system can one naturally feel good inside their own skin again. Relapse is caused by the need to self-medicate the symptoms from the damage of long term alcohol use and the individual not addressing the primary necessity of healing the HPA axis so they can naturally achieve peace, joy and centeredness again. It is a genetically damaged HPA axis that brings one to dependency on alcohol so the true way to address alcoholism would be to treat that damage with the use of the natural precursors it requires to function healthfully.

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Alcoholism – The Cause & The Cure

by Genita M. Mason H.H.P., N.C., M.H.,

Medical Director of The Biosanctuary

with foreword by Dr. Abram Hoffer M.D., Ph.D.

The Biochemical Solution to the Biochemical Problem That Truly Heals You & Breaks the Addiction


Now Available in paperback or eBook download that can be read now!

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  • Learn how Targeted Nutritional Therapy corrects biochemical imbalances in the brain that leads to alcohol and other addictions
  • Address the root cause of alcohol addiction
  • Restore healthy brain chemistry that produces a sense of well-being and peace
  • Restore healthy neurotransmitter and hormone levels in weeks!
  • Minimize alcohol withdrawal symptoms
  • Lose your compulsive desire to drink in 7 to 14 days!
  • Correct your body and brain chemistry
  • Restore healthy emotions
  • Heal & protect your brain, liver, heart, GI, pancreas, and adrenals
  • Achieve and maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  • Experience a proven alcoholism cure!
  • Heal alcoholism symptoms – hypoglycemia, depression, fatigue, anxiety, excitability and many, many others!
  • Do not settle for “just sobriety” our goal for you is Total Body & Mind Wellness ~ it is the only guarantee for your success! Symptomatic people seek relief!
  • Enjoy the benefits of privacy with this in-home holistic program or come to our clinic for professional care. Alternative Approaches to End Alcohol Abuse (AAAA) has a solution for everyone!
  • Experience a radical transformation toward health!

Visit our clinic’s website and review your treatment options below. Click here to be taken to The Biosanctuary to learn about our award winning medical model that heals the damage and treats the root cause of addiction ~ Orthomolecular Biochemical Restoration is the sustainable path to not only recovery but the ability to live life in the capacity you were born to experience it!

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The BioSanctuary

Genita M. Mason HHP, NC., MHThe Medical Director of The Biosanctuary and author of Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure Specializes in Complete Resolution of Addictive Biochemistry, Detoxification, Condition / Drug / Alcohol Specific Detox and Orthomolecular Biochemical Restoration; Healing the Damage Done to the Body and Brain. Our Green Body & Mind Medical Model Produces TOTAL BODY & MIND WELLNESS. “Heal the Damage & The Addiction Disappears”. Genita M. Mason, Medical Director, The Biosanctuary & Author of Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure

Ms. Mason, Medical Director of The Biosanctuary now provides 3 options for legal / illegal drug / alcohol Addictive Biochemistry and Psychiatric Drug Taper treatment:

• Private care at our clinic in Malibu, The Biosanctuary. CLICK HERE for more info
• Outpatient care: it doesn’t matter where you live, we use labs all over the world to explore the underlying physical causes of your addiction / mental health decline. CLICK HERE for more info
• Can’t Make it To the Clinic or Participate in the Out-Patient Program? Resources Tight? The “Do it Yourself” method may be the best fit for you. You need to know what your doing to be successful and we’ve produced a comprehensive package that provides all the materials you need to do the CORE detox and OBR. We provide all the instructions with program materials, ebooks, and a 12 hour seminar in 12 powerpoint assisted classes. Our Medical Director, Genita M. Mason covers all topics on healing from years of chemical abuse, addictive biochemistry, detox, psych drug tpaers and Green Mental Health Care. CLICK HERE for more info

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In Addition to Restoring Healthy, Alcohol Addiction-Free Biochemistry, We Provide Body Burden Detoxification of Neurotoxins, Endocrine Disruptors, Carcinogens, Obesogens, Excitotoxins, Toxic Metals, and Plasticizers. Our Treatments are Provided in an Entirely Non-Toxic, Organic, Scientifically & Spiritually Supported Full Service Private Care Environment. Complete Repair of the Neuroendocrine System and BioSystems Renewal is Essential to Sustainable Sobriety!

Watch the Video Toxic created from Ms. Mason’s interview with Vinny Eastwood


Science Brings in a New Day for the Treatment and Cure for Addiction

The BioSanctuary Medical Director, Genita M. Mason H.H.P., N.C., M.H.

Watch the videos of her Human Rights Award Ceremony here!

Recipient of the 2010 Human Rights Award

Part One

Part Two

Address the Nutritional Deficiencies, Root Cause & Damage from Alcohol that Caused & Continues the Addiction and FREE YOURSELF NOW!

The root cause of alcohol addiction can now be identified, measured and healed with TNT (targeted nutritional therapy) and neurotransmitter replenishment.Click for more…


Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure exposes the latest research, methods, and resources used in developing the most advanced alcohol addiction treatment, The 101 Program – the Proven Orthomolecular Method of curing alcoholism and addictive biochemistry – making it the most comprehensive holistic manifesto publicly available for addressing addictive biochemistry and alcoholism treatment!Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure is not only the most comprehensive
book providing the techniques used to heal addictive biochemistry through addressing the root alcoholism cause with an aggressive alcoholism treatment, and the research and science which validates the supremacy of orthomolecular alcoholism treatment over all others, but is the most advanced holistic treatment you can find in a book, retreat, or rehab. Successful completion of The 101 Program not only detoxes you in a healing, nourishing way by correcting nutritional deficiencies known to those suffering the physical and mental effects of alcohol addiction but takes your quest for sobriety to the next level and guides you through the process of healing your addictive
biochemistry, freeing you from the symptoms of alcoholism and the compulsive desire to drink through addressing the well- researched genetic influences that encourage addictive biochemistry.image description alcoholism treatmentAlcoholism: The Cause & The Cure is not only the most comprehensive and aggressive alcoholism treatment available today, it is essentially a holistic rehab’s “operations manual” as well as desktop reference that you may use to assist you through successfully addressing the root cause of and curing the addiction to alcohol as well as the plethora of illnesses associated with alcohol toxicity that many do not even realize are related such as depression, hypoglycemia, mental / physical
fatigue, anxiety, nervousness, paranoia, hyper- excitability, mood swings, lack of focus, and many, many more which are the bedrock of relapse.Everyone has specific health care needs as a result of lifestyle, genes, and dietary practices. Those whom have demonstrated addictive biochemistry have very specific nutritional and dietary requirements and will be supremely educated in Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure in the nutritional protocols that are required to relieve the bonds of addiction so that they may not only enjoy sobriety; free of the compulsive desire to drink, but also enhanced health – giving sobriety a whole new meaning.

Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure

How to cure the bio-chemical root cause of alcohol addiction and stop alcohol abuse

By Genita Mason H.H.P., N.C., M.H. with foreword by Dr. Abram Hoffer M.D., Ph.D.Contained is the proven orthomolecular alcohol addiction treatment program that cures alcoholism by healing the physical and mental bio-pathways damaged by alcohol abuse thus relieving the effects of alcoholism symptoms created by long-term drinking and truly breaking addiction! This is a TREATMENT that heals you!

Foreword to Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure is written by the infamous Dr. Abram Hoffer M.D., Ph.D. who worked with Bill Wilson (co-found of AA) in the orthomolecular treatment of alcoholism using Niacin (B3). Both of whom are inducted into the 2006 Orthomolecular Medicine Hall of Fame. Click here to read their biographies. After personally witnessing the tremendous success of this method of treating his and fellow AA members’ symptoms, Bill launched several large scale attempts at trying to get orthomolecular treatments into the AA experience. Bill’s passion toward the end of his life was to bring this reality of healing to the AA experience; however, he was of course shunted and scorned by the very medical professionals he appointed in AA! Despite the clinical proof provided by Dr. Hoffer and Bill W. of various vitamin therapies helping alcoholics remain sober and enjoy a sobriety not encumbered by many of the dry drunk symptoms of anxiety, depression, mental/physical fatigue, social anxieties etc… the physicians of AA without regard to this info, publicly discredited Bill and refused to acknowledge Dr. Hoffer’s findings.

They are both in the Orthomolecular Medicine Hall of Fame. Interesting
that Bill W. is and AA STILL does not recognize nor promote/practice the value of their founder’s work and passion in this area!

Excerpts from the Foreword by Dr. Abram Hoffer M.D., Ph.D.

…In this book, Ms. Mason describes in careful detail how these essential nutrients play a role in the cause and the treatment of alcohol addiction. Further, Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure enlightens the reader by clearly demonstrating that alcohol addiction is truly, at its core, a Nutrient Deficiency Disorder, and provides a fascinating account of how to properly treat it. It provides the course of action that must be taken to cure an orchestra of the malaise created by one or more defective musicians. The results are immensely superior to those that depend upon psychosocial methods alone…

The education you will find in Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure, and hopefully, the successful treatment that you will embark upon, is that there are underlying nutritional deficiencies that create the symptoms that you use alcohol to relieve, which leads to alcohol dependency. Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure exposes these deficiencies while providing a proven dietary and nutritional supplement program that reduces or eliminates these symptoms. This method of approaching NDD, or alcohol dependency, diminishes the likelihood of relapse with the degree of health and balanced brain chemistry that is achieved with your treatment. When the symptoms are gone, so is the craving or need for alcohol.

Read the entire forward…

Dr. Abram Hoffer

Genita M. Mason’s work, Alcoholism: The Cause and the Cure, offers sound scientific information derived from the latest research in addiction-based biochemistry. Her information is made simple and clear enough for anyone to understand. By knowing the how’s and the why’s in breaking addictive habits related to alcoholism, “the alternative solution” becomes practical enough for the sincere person to begin to make permanent and measurable changes in their life. Her contribution to recovery is fundamental in providing an important approach to naturally influencing both the mind and the body.

Dr. Joe Dispenza
“What the Bleep Do We Know?” & Author, “Evolve Your Brain”.

“After 30 years as a health science lecturer and having worked individually with many alcoholics, there is no doubt in my mind that nutrition is the best tool there is to fight drinking. With its emphasis on body-strengthening nutritional physiology, rather than medication or feel-good talk psychology, Alcoholism: The Cause and the Cure presents a way out for people who have fallen through the cracks in our society’s inadequate, obsolete and pharmaphilic (drug based) approach to alcoholism treatment.

Dr. Andrew W. Saul (, author of Doctor Yourself: Natural Healing that Works, and Contributing Editor for the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine.


The Cause- neurotransmitter and hormone deficiencies

Over time, consistent recreational drinking disables the brain’s ability to naturally produce beta-endorphins and other “feel good” neurotransmitters such as serotonin, GABA, dopamine and enkephalins resulting in physical and psychological symptoms that the person will gradually begin to rely more and more on alcohol in order to self-medicate the symptoms of their deficient brain chemistry.

The Cure- neurotransmitter and hormone replenishment- healing the HPA axis

The 101 Program, found in Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure, walks you through each step required in replenishing those neurotransmitters and hormones and balancing the hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal axis. When the body and mind can make its own “feel-good” neurotransmitters again, the craving for alcohol disappears and true peace, joy, optimism and centeredness replaces mental and physical fatigue, anxiety, depression and nervousness. In Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure you will learn how, through practicing a “condictive” (opposed to addiction) diet and the use of therapeutic nutrition aimed at providing the necessary precursors to
produce those neurotransmitters and hormones, to heal your body and mind and uproot addictive biochemistry.The 101 Program also provides for healing hypoglycemia and adrenal
fatigue which are also at the root of imbalanced brain chemistry and extremely common among long term drinkers.


Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure

The biochemical solution to the biochemical problem!